Two review papers on service synchronisation

Together with Konstantinos Gkiotsalitis and Tao Liu, we critically review the literature and offer research directions in two recent review papers focused on the tactical planning phase (published in Transportation Research Part C) and the real-time phase (published in Transport Reviews).

Uber both competes with, and complements public transport

Between 1 and 2 out of 5 Uber trips have no viable public transport alternative. At the same time, in 15 percent of the cases in Amsterdam, public transport would actually have been faster than Uber. Check out this TU Delft news article, where we share our key results based on data from 3.5 million trips in 6 cities in the US and Europe.

Check out the following article for more information: Uber both competes with, and complements public transport

PhD position vacancy

We are hiring! PhD Positions in Applications of Swarm Intelligence in Traffic and Mobility Management. See details for the application procedure. In this PhD research you will be developing distributed demand management schemes via tradable, multi-modal travel permits, to balance user-centric versus system optimal objectives (including but not restricted to equity, sustainability, and security) the performance of the designed trading schemes for mobility services such as shared rides will be evaluated using an agent-based simulation model.