Thredbo 15 conference

Our public transport group presents three papers on Thredbo 15 (International Conference Series on Competition and Ownership in Land Passenger Transport) which takes place in Stockholm this week.

The following papers are presented:

  1. Yap M., Cats O., Yu S. and van Arem B. Crowding Valuation in Urban Tram and Bus Transportation based on Smart Card Data – presented by Menno Yap
  2. Alonso-Gonzalez M.J., van Oort N., Cats O. and Hoogendoorn S. Urban Demand Responsive Transport in the Mobility as a Service Ecosystem: Its Role and Potential Market Share – presented by Maria Alonso-Gonzalez
  3. Shelat S., Huisman R. and van Oort N. Understanding the Trip and User Characteristics of the Combined Bicycle and Transit Mode Рpresented by Niels van Oort