The first international courses on Planning Public Transport Servics took place in TU Delft

Two international courses on Planning Public Transport Services (PPTS2015) took place in TU Delft on 26-30 January for the first time. Both courses were given together with Prof. Avi Ceder, Prof. Graham Currie and Dr. Niels van Oort.

Eighteen participants from the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, South Africa and Irak took part in the courses. The courses covered topics in planning and operations at the route- and network-level combining practical know-how expertise and recent advances in public transport research.

We currently design future versions of the course to support a knowledge-based public transport sector and provide a solid base for PhD students conducting research in the public transport field.

Thanks again to the teaching team, the event organizers and all the participants for their enthusiasm! Wishing you all great success in implementing ideas to further improve public transport systems and hope to meet you again on one of your journeys.

In the picture below: Prof. Avi Ceder on his timetable design class.

Avi Ceder classroom