Student supervision

Are you a student in TU Delft and looking for a master thesis project? Welcome to write to me and we can discuss possible topics.

On-demand services: optimal design and real-time management – with RMC

Strategic and tactical planning of metropolitan passenger networks – with RHDHV

In addition, the following topics are available (possibly in collaboration with industrial partners):

  • Modeling and simulation of urban rail transit systems
  • Public transport corridor management
  • Urban public transport network robustness
  • Real time control strategies and service synchronization

You can get an impression of topics that I am involved in by examining the list of completed and on-going theses below.

On-going PhD student supervision:

-> at TU Delft

Konstanze Winter. “Shared-Mobility Services and Parking Management”.

Lara Zomer. “Theory and Modelling of Acquiring and Storing Spatial Knowledge“.

Danique Ton. “Unravelling mode and route choice behaviour of active mode users”.

Ding Luo. “Data-driven Analytics and Modeling of Passenger Flows and Networks for Public Transport Systems“.

Panchamy Krishnakumari. “Multiscale Pattern Recognition for Understanding Transport Network Dynamics”.

Menno Yap. “Measuring and Modelling Passenger Interchange Activities”.

Jishnu Narayan. “Service Optimisation of Demand Responsive Public Transport Systems”.

María Alonso González. “Evaluating the Performance and Evolution of New Mobility Services in a Hybrid Public Transport System”.

Sanmay Shelat. “Route Choice under Uncertainty in Public Transport Networks”.

Malvika Dixit. “Using Service Quality Measures to Improve Accessibility and Equity Evaluation for Urban Public Transport Networks – A Case Study for North-South Metro Line in Amsterdam”.

Subodh Dubey. “A Joint Mode Choice and Network Assignment Model for Mobility-on-Demand (MoD) services incorporating interdependence between demand and supply sides”.

Peyman Ashkrof. “Supply-Side Operations and Behavioural Dynamics in the Era of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS)”.

Nejc Geržinic. “Traveller Preferences and Behavioural Dynamics in the Era of Mobility as a Service (MaaS)”.

-> at KTH

Isak Jarlebring Rubensson. “Equity, Crowding and Traveller Behaviour in Public Transport”.

David Leffler. “Assessment of Traffic Impacts of Fleet Management Strategies for an Automated Vehicle Fleet”.

Soumela Peftitsi. “Modelling the Interaction between Congestion at Interchange Stations and On-board Congestion”.

Jonas Hatzenbühler. “Impact of the Integration of Autonomous Buses on Urban Transportation Systems”.

-> at University of Luxembourg

Giorgos Laskaris. PhD. “Real-time Public Transport Control in the Era of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems”.


On-going master student supervision:

All at TU Delft

Larissa Eggers. “The Role of the Social Environment in Choosing Active Modes”.

Theo Liu. “Exploring the Potential on Rail Networks for Demand Responsive Rail Transport”.

AnneMijn Hijner. “Probabilistic model to estimate passenger delay propagation on a passenger transportation network”.

Faye Jasperse. “Automated disruption detection in metro networks using smart card data”.

Kalrav Shah. “Transit Network Design and Optimization: A Swissloop Case”.

Krissada Tundulyasaree. “Characterizing and Classifying Public Transport Networks from a Topological Perspective”.

Martijn Heufke Kantelaar. ”Night-time Train Travel”.

Yaroslav Holodov. “Assessing Impacts of Fare Change on Transit Accessibility and Equity using Smartcard Data: Case of Stockholm”.

Laura Pardini Susacasa. “Simulation-based Optimization for Rescheduling in Densely used Metro Networks under Dynamic Demand Conditions”.


Completed PhD theses under my (co-)supervision:

5. Roberto Fernandez Abenoza. “Understanding the spatio-temporal variability and complexity of individual travel satisfaction”, KTH.

4. Nadjla Ghaemi. (2018). “Short-turning Trains during Full Blockages in Railway Disruption Management”, TU Delft.

3. Anne Bastian. (2017). “Explaining Trends in Car Use“, KTH.

2. Jens West. (2016). “Congestion Effects in Transport Modelling and Forecasting”, KTH.

1. Masoud Fadaei Oshyani. (2016).  “New Opportunities in Urban Transport Data: Methodologies and Applications”. KTH.


Completed Master theses under my (co-)supervision:

47. Arjan de Ruijter. “Effect of Individual and Service Attributes on Ride-sharing Potential”. Graduated with distinction (Cum-laude)

46. Nigel Birch. “Evolution of Public Transit Networks in Polycentric Urban Areas”.

45. Stephanie Kohlinger. “Travel Choices in Integrated Mobility Platforms”. Daily Supervisor. TU Delft.

44. Joost Wien (2019). “An assessment of the willingness to choose a self-driving bus for an urban trip: A public transport user’s perspective“. Daily Supervisor. TU Delft.

43. Nejc Geržinič. (2018). “Combining Data Gathering Efficiency with Behaviourally Realistic Modelling” TU Delft. Daily Supervisor. TU Delft. Graduated with distinction (Cum-laude)

42. Ago den Heijer. (2018). “Passenger Punctuality: Assessing the Impact of Disruptions”. Daily Supervisor. TU Delft.

41. Aishah Mahyarni Imran. (2018). “Combination of Headway Control Strategy for Regularity-based Transit Operation”. Daily Supervisor. TU Delft.

40. Alex Vermeulen. (2018). Topological Impacts of Demand and Modal Costs on the Growth of Metropolitan Public Transport Networks”. Daily Supervisor. TU Delft.

39. Merlijn van Beurden. M.Sc. (2017). “Stopping pattern and frequency optimization for multiple public transport service services”. Daily Supervisor. TU Delft.

38. Jauhari Alafi. M.Sc. (2017). “Understanding, evaluating, and improving maritime transit services of small islands of Indonesia: A choice behaviour study”. Daily Supervisor. TU Delft.

37. Kingsley Adjenughwure. M.Sc. (2017). ”Impact of Activities Performed during Travel on Value of Travel Time Savings”. Daily Supervisor. TU Delft.

36. Stefan Glück. M.Sc. (2017). “Optimizing Headways and Vehicle Capacities in Public Transport Networks considering System Dynamics”. Daily Supervisor. TU Delft.

35. Ellen van der Werff. M.Sc. (2017). “Regularity Control Bus Services: Feasibility Analysis for R-net Line 400″. Daily Supervisor. TU Delft.

34. Jesper Haverkamp. M.Sc. (2017). “Applicability of Demand Responsive Rail Transport as a Substitute for Scheduled Heavy Rail Networks”. Daily Supervisor. TU Delft.

33. Lennart Lems. M.Sc. (2017). “The Long-term Impact of Fixed Transport Infrastructure Investment Policy”. Daily Supervisor. TU Delft.

32. Dennis Roelofsen. M.Sc. (2016). “Managing disruptions in rail-bound urban public transport from a passenger perspective”. Daily Supervisor. TU Delft.

31. Matti van Engelen. M.Sc. (2016). “Improving Public Transport Accessibility of Business Areas using Autonomous Vehicles”. Daily Supervisor. TU Delft. Graduated with distinction (Cum laude).

30. Shuixian Yu. M.Sc. (2016). “The Value of Crowding in Public Transport”. Daily Supervisor. TU Delft.

29. Alexandra Gavriilidou. M.Sc. (2016). “Real-time Public Transport Control using Real-time Information about Passengers”. Daily Supervisor. TU Delft.

28. Barth Donners. M.Sc. (2016). “Erasing Borders: European Rail Passenger Potential”. Daily Supervisor. TU Delft.

27. Karin de Regt. M.Sc. (2016). “Deducing mobility patterns and public transport usage by fusing smartcard and GSM data”. Daily Supervisor. TU Delft.

26. Joey Blangé. M.Sc. (2016). “Risk Perception in Flight Choice Behaviour”. Daily Supervisor. TU Delft.

25. Gert-Jaap Koppenol. M.Sc. (2016). “Robustness of Public Transportation Networks: The Effect of Capacity Reductions at the Link-Level”. Daily Supervisor. TU Delft.

24. Caterina Malandri. M.Sc. (2016). “Measuring Spill-Over Effects of Public Transport Disruptions”. Co-supervisor. University of Bologna.

23. Niek Lemans. M.Sc. (2016). “Assessing the Equity of Urban Public Transport Services”. Daily Supervisor. TU Delft.

22. Giorgos Laskaris. M.Sc. (2015). “Real-Time Control Strategy for Multiple Bus Routes Using a Shared Bus Corridor”. Main supervisor. KTH.

21. Luke Hobbs. M.Sc. (2015). “Vulnerability in the Public Transport Networks of Amsterdam and Stockholm and Implications for Future Network Development”. Main supervisor. KTH.

20. Konstanze Winter. M.Sc. (2015). “Development and Application of a Method to Design a Demand-Responsive Service Operated by Fully Automated Vehicles”. Daily Supervisor. TU Delft. Graduated with distinction (Cum-laude)

19. Paolo Carnaghi. M.Sc (2014). “Decision Support Systems in Transportation: The Case of Surface Urban Public Transport”. Co-supervisor. Politecnico Di Milano.

18. Roberto Fernandez Abenoza. M.Sc. (2014).  “Determinants of Public Transport Passenger Satisfaction and Its Stability over Time”. Co-supervisor. KTH.

17. Xi Chen. M.Sc. (2014).  “The Impact of Free-Fare Public Transport on Individual Travel Patterns”. Co-supervisor. KTH.

16. Jacob Rommel. M.Sc. (2014). “Topological Analysis of the Evolution of Public Transport Networks”. Main supervisor. KTH.

15. Mitzie Molin. M.Sc. (2014). “Vulnerability Analysis of a Public Transport Expansion Plan”. Main supervisor. KTH.

14. Yu Zhao. M.Sc. (2014). “Identification and Classification of Activity Centers based on Passengers Flows Data”. Main supervisor. KTH.

13. Chen Zhang. M.Sc. (2014). “An Empirical Evaluation of an On-Street Parking Scheme: A Case Study in Stockholm Inner-City”. Main supervisor. KTH.

12. Edouard Naye. M.Sc (2014). “Real-Time Arrival Prediction Models for Light Rail Train Systems”. Main supervisor. KTH.

11. Zafeira Gkioulou. M.Sc (2013). “Evaluating the Impact of Waiting Time Uncertainty on Passengers Decisions”. Main supervisor. KTH.

10. Gerasimos Loutos. M.Sc (2013). “Improving Real-Time Bus Arrival Information”. Main supervisor. KTH.  Best master thesis award, Swedish Association of Operations Research, 2013.

9. Triin Reimal. M.Sc (2013). “Evaluating the Impacts of Free Public Transport in Tallinn”. Main supervisor. KTH.

8. Yevheniia Hlotova (2013). M.Sc. “Stress and Situation Awareness of Bus Drivers under Various Operations Strategies”. Main supervisor. KTH.

7. Nadila Kuerban (2012). M.Sc. “Implications of Regularity-Driven Operations Beyond the Single Line Level”. Main supervisor. KTH.

6. Fabrizio Miscio (2012). M.Sc. “Agent-Based Day-to-Day Learning in Transit Dynamic Modeling”. Main supervisor. KTH.

5. Mario Contreras Torres (2012). M.Sc. “Bus Running Time Determinants: The Mutual Relation Between Driver Behavior and Transit Performance”. Main supervisor. KTH.

4. Ásdís Ólafsdóttir (2012). M.Sc. “Bus Service Performance Analysis – Case Study Bus Line 1 in Stockholm, Sweden”. Main supervisor. KTH.

3. Ferran Mach Rufí (2011). M.Sc. “Study of the Holding Problem Using Optimization Algorithms and Mesoscopic Simulation”. Main supervisor. KTH. Best master thesis award, Swedish Association of Operations Research, 2011.

2. Jens West (2011). M.Sc. “Boarding and Bunching: The Impact of Boarding Procedure on Bus Regularity and Performance”. Main supervisor. KTH. Best master thesis on public transportation, Public Transport Academy, Swedish Public Transport Association and the Swedish Bus Federation, 2012.

1. Anahid Nabavi Larijani (2011). M.Sc. “Real-Time Control Strategy Evaluation by Applying a Mesoscopic Simulation Model to Improve Transit Reliability”. Main supervisor. KTH.