What are the key factors influencing individual door-to-door travel satisfaction?


The importance of the whole door-to-door journey and its implications on travelers’ experience is well-acknowledged. However, travel satisfaction is often measured and assessed with respect to single trip stages (e.g. bus ride), neglecting the effects of a multi-stage journey and trip complexity on overall traveler experience and satisfaction. This could potentially underrate the impact of the quality of interchanges and last-mile facilities on overall travel satisfaction. In order to address this issue, Yusak Susilo from KTH, Sweden and I conducted a study which investigated the key factors influencing individual travel experiences for different travel modes and at different trip stages, and how satisfaction with the access and egress stages relates to overall trip satisfaction.

The dataset that was used in this study was constructed based on a survey that was carried out in April and May 2013 in eight European cities: Bucharest (Romania), Coventry (United Kingdom), Dublin (Ireland), Rome (Italy), Stockholm (Sweden), Turin (Italy), Valencia (Spain) and Vilnius (Lithuania). This study was part of a pilot survey stage of the EU FP7 METPEX (A MEasurement Tool to determine the quality of the Passenger EXperience) project. The objective of the pilot study is to empirically test which variables are most important for different groups of travelers. The expected output of the METPEX project is to produce a list of key determinants of travel satisfaction variables which will be integrated into a real-time satisfaction measurement tool and can be used for benchmarking purposes at European-wide level. Read the full article here: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0965856414001827