Two public transport proposals granted

Two public transport projects will be soon launched in the Department of Transport and Planning at TU Delft:

(1) SCRIPTS – on flexible demand-anticipatory services. Granted in the Smart Urban Regions in the Future (SURF) program by NWO [2016-2018; total of 1,800,000€, of which 500,000€ in TU Delft]. ‘Smart Cities’ Responsive Intelligent Public Transport Systems’ will develop advanced models for the optimal design of hybrid public transport systems, involving demand responsive transport services that are flexible in route and schedule and (self-)organized through ICT platforms, and the simulation of their performance, including a series of pilots and showcases.

(2) TRANS-FORM – on real-time transfer and congestion management. Granted in the Co-fund Smart Cities and Communities (ENSCC) call [2016-2018; total of 1,800,000€, of which 315,000€ in TU Delft]. A consortium of universities, industrial partners, public authorities and private operators from Switzerland, Sweden, Spain and the Netherlands, led by TU Delft. ‘Smart Transfers through Unravelling Urban Form and Travel Flow Dynamics’ will develop a multi-level approach for monitoring, mapping, analyzing and managing urban dynamics in relation to interchanging travel flows. Analysis of pedestrian and traveler flows at the hub, urban and regional networks.

Three new PhD positions in the area of public transport modelling will be soon available to work in these projects. Relevant background and skills include simulation modelling, network analysis and optimization.

UPDATE (28-01-2016):

Interested? See the job ad here. Applications are due by February 10.



The first international courses on Planning Public Transport Servics took place in TU Delft

Two international courses on Planning Public Transport Services (PPTS2015) took place in TU Delft on 26-30 January for the first time. Both courses were given together with Prof. Avi Ceder, Prof. Graham Currie and Dr. Niels van Oort.

Eighteen participants from the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, South Africa and Irak took part in the courses. The courses covered topics in planning and operations at the route- and network-level combining practical know-how expertise and recent advances in public transport research.

We currently design future versions of the course to support a knowledge-based public transport sector and provide a solid base for PhD students conducting research in the public transport field.

Thanks again to the teaching team, the event organizers and all the participants for their enthusiasm! Wishing you all great success in implementing ideas to further improve public transport systems and hope to meet you again on one of your journeys.

In the picture below: Prof. Avi Ceder on his timetable design class.

Avi Ceder classroom


Two short courses in planning public transport

TU Delft organizes two short courses on planning and operating public transport systems. The courses will be held on 26-28 and 28-30 January, 2015 and will take place in Delft, The Netherlands. Together with international public transport experts, Avi Ceder, Graham Currie and Niels van Oort, the courses are designed as practical guides to strategic and operations planning, network design, economic appraisal methods, data collection, performance measurement, market forecasting and priority for bus, tram and rail services. The first course will be dedicated to planning at the route level while the second course considers planning at the network and strategic level. The short courses are designed for practicing public transport professionals, those involved in the transport and planning industry who have an interest in public transport planning and early stage researchers in the public transport domain.

For more information, the full program and registration, see the course website: 


PPTS2015 cover photo