How can we keep you satisfied?

The public transport industry has along tradition of measuring passenger satisfaction for a number of purposes including monitoring and market analysis. Changes in passenger satisfaction over time are typically conceived in terms of absolute of perceived changes concerning service quality. However, we are all admittedly inclined to shift the importance that we attach to service attributes as time evolves.

The Swedish Public Transport Association (Svensk Kollektivtrafik) kindly granted me and Yusak Susilo from KTH access to a large rolling survey that they conduct since 2001. The results of 13 years of evolution in passenger satisfaction were presented last week on TRB in Washington DC. The survey data sums up to more than half a million records collected in 2001-2013. This made one of the committee members that took part in the session to comment that “we in the US can only drool from the possibilities made by it'”.

The work was performed together with Roberto Abenoza and Chengxi Liu. We constructed dynamic priority maps to visualize the trajectory of various service attributes in terms of their relative importance to overall satisfaction and their relative performance. This will support stakeholders such as agencies and operators to identify priority areas and benchmark it against past performance and other service providers.

The presentation is available here: TRB2015 OdedCats SKT